Our mining equipment

What do we use for mining?

Our cloud mining farm is equipped with 540x Antminer S9's, special mining devices produced by Bitmain, the world famous manufacturer. These devices use microchips that are called ASIC (which stands for Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit) because they are specifically designed for Bitcoin mining and cannot be used for any other type of calculations.

The best part of using ASIC microchips is that they are very efficient both in terms of price, needed space and electricity. In an ASIC, every part of a regular microchip is removed if it is not needed or is optimized for Bitcoin Mining.

There are 189x ASIC microchips in one Antminer S9. This insane density of chips in one device allows packing amazing amounts of hash power in a very limited space.

Each of the 189 microchips has its own radiator attached to it. The case of Antminer S9 is made of aluminum, and it is supplied with two coolers located on the front and the back panels. The case is basically a turbine through which the air flows with enormous speed. An excellent ventilation is provided inside the S9, the air flows through the radiators and allows to avoid overheating of the working mechanisms.

We picked Antminer S9's because of the best energy efficiency among all Bitcoin miners. One device only needs 1300W of power and outputs an unbelievable 14 TH/s! The energy efficiency of an Antminer S9 is 0.94 J/TH/s (this parameter shows how much electricity is spent for each 1TH/s). The more electricity an ASIC spends to output one TH/s, the sooner it will become unprofitable to mine on it. Therefore, the energy efficiency of an ASIC and the price of electricity are the essential

    Here is the video from our mining farm

    In this video you will see our working farm, how it works, what features it has.
    We post videos and photos from our farm to make sure that FlyMining is not a scam. Our farm actually has more than 500 machines that mine bitcoins every day.

    The main advantage of the FlyMining containers' inner organization is their simplicity!


    On one side of the container, there are a switchboard and racks with mining devices. On the other side, there is nothing except for an inlet for fresh air. The streams of air go straight from one side and exit on the other with high speed. No hot air is left inside - it completely leaves the container after a few seconds it got in. And all the ventilation work is done by the Antminers themselves!
    Air flows straight through the container, and hot air, heated by the mining devices, immediately comes out. The hot sides of all the mining devices stick out the container, and hot and cold air never meet together. Constant air replacement takes place inside the container.
    Why do we talk so much about ventilation? Because the heat from the Antminers is enormous, and a lot of mining companies have to shut down some of their equipment for the summer period if they cannot provide sufficient ventilation, causing losses. Our containers do not have this problem.


    To avoid the accumulation of dust, bugs and other foreign particles inside the containers, we installed air filters on the air inlets. These filters catch all the dirt from the outside, not making any sufficient impact on the air flow - after the installation of the air filters ventilation remained almost at the same level and temperature on the microchips increased just by 3℃ (6℉). And it is in the middle of the summer when outside temperature is 35℃ (95℉)!


    The operation of a farm in each container is done using laptops situated inside the container, our custom-written software and a Wi-Fi router with a 4G LTE modem. Our software controls each of the devices and lets us know of any errors or changes in the configuration (for example, if someone decides to gain unauthorized access to devices). It also automatically reboots or re-configures devices if needed.

    After a container is built and moved to the mining site, making it work is ridiculously simple - connect it to a power source and turn the main power switch on! That is, the container is not tied to its location, it can work from anywhere on the globe where there is electricity. That's how we provide the cheapest maintenance fee to our clients - when we look for a mining site, we do not need a building or any infrastructure. All we need is enough outdoor space to fit a 20ft. container and electricity at a cheap rate.


    Some of our co-founders are experienced bankers. Their attention to details knows no limits. We not only have our own mining operations monitoring software, we even use special banking software for accounting! All the transaction are verified using double-checking mechanism from the banking industry. And we had to rewrite a banking software to support 8-digit precision! No currency in the world has more than 2-digit precision, but we needed it and we did it.
    There are multiple security levels at the mining farm. Let's just say, there is no way someone can change anything in the farm configuration (like changing pool, stealing a device) without us noticing in the next 2 minutes. There is no way to steal bitcoins from our cold wallet because the process is not automated - withdrawal transactions are verified manually, then manually signed on a machine disconnected from the Internet, and then this signed transaction is moved to an Internet-enabled computer which sends the funds. The private key of the cold wallet is never accessible from the internet. The processing is done 4 times a day, just like in traditional banks.