Last 5 Day Transaction History

Transaction History page lets you view information about Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining withdrawals of our clients Bitcoin and Ethereum income in the last 5 days.
You can see amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals, date of withdrawal, Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction IDs.

Date TxId Payment Sum Crypto Currency
2020.10.26 77c6d7f595178950b3bc0bb364d75ffa448c63aea8e1872339b23970bf5cfecd 0.01333200 BTC
2020.10.26 0x9fe1812826d4e600951e8a6546922eabe4e21a186f1f17167f80b0e2f3f1fa1d 0.04224305 ETH
2020.10.26 0xb3b1a1c5fb07c1d6b3c28ff17fcbf196ebafae421411e59e52ef6a103164f2a5 0.00107431 ETH