Last 5 Day Transaction History

Transaction History page lets you view information about Bitcoin and Ethereum cloud mining withdrawals of our clients Bitcoin and Ethereum income in the last 5 days.
You can see amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals, date of withdrawal, Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction IDs.

Date TxId Payment Sum Crypto Currency
2020.07.14 0x0b30c5cac695762de89a7139e2a93ac8997fe2c9c17331c7f0e85c4bb9794185 0.00755308 ETH
2020.07.13 426c62e0ec36c864a264fd5b556e3a244ef5ea769cb49a0bf199e952a7ba84c6 0.00171690 BTC
2020.07.13 0xd6980ead9308ac73c353c24429b897913d8bbebdf51277ae96a47b986c4bdd65 0.05679511 ETH