Buy Bitcoin cloud mining hashrate

5-year Contract

Estimation for 1 BTC = 20000
For illustrational purposes only; BTC sell price is not fixed in contract conditions
Hashing Power:
Total contract cost:

Estimate profit

Result for selected hashrate and BTC price

Profit/Maintenance ratio 75%/25%
Retun on investment 162%
Profit Mined Power cost
Day 24.092 0.0000258 8.16
Week 168.64 0.0001806 57.12
Month 722.76 0.000774 244.8
Year 8793.58 0.009417 2978.4
Total 43967.9 0.047085 14892
*   Do not forget that miners get their income in bitcoins! Calculating daily income in USD/EUR only makes sense when the exchange rate of the selling date is considered. Bitcoin is very volatile and cost tomorrow $1 as well as $1,000,000. Below you will find a few links that give clues for different scenarios. Some of the articles are old, so you can compare those predictions with reality and take new materials with a grain of salt. We are not endorsing risking your lifesavings for a mining contract!

Plan details

Industry-lowest electricity price

FlyMining provides Bitcoin mining contracts with one of the industry-lowest maintenance fees of just $0.12 per TH/s per day (same as $0.05/kWh including maintenance)! FlyMining contracts are profitable even with the historically lowest Bitcoin mining profitability, what to say when Bitcoin is on its highs.

Features of FlyMining

  • Pay for electricity with a credit card and hodl bitcoin (or as usual - pay maintenance fees with mining income)
  • Every day withdrawals with industry-lowest fees of 0.00005 BTC per withdrawal!

FlyMining has 2 types of bitcoin cloud mining contracts:
5-year and monthly.

5-year cloud mining contract

This contract is for a pretty long period of time, and it is impossible to say what will happen to Bitcoin in this huge (in Bitcoin's lifetime terms) period of time. Will one Bitcoin cost $100k or $1 million? Nobody can say for sure, but everybody expects huge changes in how Bitcoin is perceived in the world. And those who control it (who mine it) will take significant part in its life.

Monthly contract

A 5-year contract which can be paid in 35 monthly payments of $10. Are you afraid to invest large sums in mining all at once? Then the monthly contract is for you! A monthly contract allows you to start mining with a small initial payment, but with large hashrate of 1TH/s for just $10 per month!

Please notice: monthly contract is not profitable in the first month (but may become profitable if bitcoin price goes up)! It is created for you to test a large contract without paying full price. You can upgrade this contract to a 5-year contract at any moment. The cost of upgrade is full price minus fa-dollar6 for each month of owning a monthly contract, so in 35 months it will upgrade to a 5-year contract for free.