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Industry-lowest electricity price

Flymining provides Bitcoin mining contracts with one of the industry-lowest maintenance fees of just $0.12 per TH/s per day (same as $0.05/kWh including maintenance)! Flymining contracts are profitable even with the historically lowest Bitcoin mining profitability, what to say when Bitcoin is on its highs.

Features of Flymining

Flymining has 2 types of bitcoin cloud mining contracts: 5-year and monthly.

5-year cloud mining contract

This contract is for a pretty long period of time, and it is impossible to say what will happen to Bitcoin in this huge (in Bitcoin's lifetime terms) period of time. Will one Bitcoin cost $100k or $1 million? Nobody can say for sure, but everybody expects huge changes in how Bitcoin is perceived in the world. And those who control it (who mine it) will take significant part in its life.

Monthly cloud mining contract

A 5-year contract which can be paid in 35 monthly payments of $10. Are you afraid to invest large sums in mining all at once? Then the monthly contract is for you! A monthly contract allows you to start mining with a small initial payment, but with large hashrate of 1TH/s for just $10 per month!


A 5-year contract
SHA-256 algorithm miner

21.0 per 0.1 Th/s

  • Fee percentage : 0%
  • Monthly Fee : 0
  • Maintenance fee : 0.012 per 0.1 TH/s per day
A 5-year contract
SHA-256 algorithm miner

210 per 1 Th/s

  • Fee percentage: 0%
  • Monthly Fee: 0
  • Maintenance fee: 0.12 per 1 TH/s per day
A monthly contract
SHA-256 algorithm miner

12 per 1 Th/s

  • Fee percentage: 0%
  • Monthly Fee: 0
  • Maintenance fee: 0.12 per 1 TH/s per day

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Do not forget that miners get their income in bitcoins! Calculating daily income in USD/EUR only makes sense when the exchange rate of the selling date is considered. Bitcoin is very volatile and cost tomorrow $1 as well as $1,000,000. Below you will find a few links that give clues for different scenarios. Some of the articles are old, so you can compare those predictions with reality and take new materials with a grain of salt. We are not endorsing risking your lifesavings for a mining contract!

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy my own equipment and mine at home?

Though possible, hardly anyone would want to mine bitcoin at home. Mining equipment is not only expensive but also not suitable for home or garage. It is loud and high-power consuming. It works in maximum performance mode 24x7 and needs moving parts to be replaced often. Its portability, price, and loudness allow people to easily find it and steal it.

Mining at home might look like a passive income, but actually requires a lot of time and becomes a business on its own

Is it profitable to mine bitcoin? If Yes, then why do you sell your hashrate?

We are similarly engaged in mining. And we also want to raise profits. This can be done by engaging more people and building better infrastructure.

The more we grow, the cheaper is electricity and equipment for us and our clients!

What will my mining profit be?

In the calculator, you can set your investment, estimated price of bitcoin when you want to sell it (remember that bitcoin price can go up or down!), and see how much you will get after maintenance fees. All the calculations are based on our real average data of the previous 7 days.

Is there a chance I lose money from the bank?

No chance of losing money from the bank. If mining becomes unprofitable, mining stops until it becomes profitable.

Other questions?

Here you can find our full FAQ section with all the answers for questions that we get the most. If there is no answer to your question, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] or online chat and we will answer your question!

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