Best cloud mining

On average, an best cloud mining in investor in mining should focus on the following indicators:
1. The payback period for mining equipment is 9-12 months. In many ways, the indicator depends on where and for how much the equipment is purchased. If you search, you can find favorable prices from wholesalers. At the same time, there are many intermediaries who charge prices and earn money on inexperienced miners who do not know the real prices of equipment.
2. The residual value of the equipment in a year of use will be from 20% to 50-60% of the initial price. It all depends on the type of equipment and the rate of cryptocurrency. For example, ASICs traditionally lose in price faster than video cards. A great success in a year to sell “asik” for 30-40% of the purchase price. But video cards may not lose at all in price and cost approximately the same money. In the market of video cards, demand in addition to miners is also represented by ordinary buyers. The fact is that video cards are used in a variety of ways: from video games to performing complex modeling by architects, designers and research scientists. “Asiki” is impossible to use anywhere except for mining.

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