Bitcoin moves to $ 6,000

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency with the smallest market capitalization in the world, once again shows growth, stepping over $ 5,400. It looks like the asset is ready for a bull rally. But where exactly does it go? According to experienced trader Gareth Soloway, if BTC holds $ 5,350, then after another breakthrough, the cryptocurrency will be fixed at $ 6,150.

And now analysts are in a hurry to make predictions. Crypto winter, which lasted for several months, came to an end, as most investors had expected. As an asset prepares to go beyond $ 6,000, many people are looking for the perfect moment to buy an asset in order to get the maximum benefit. Some traders also suggest that bitcoin could cross $ 7,000. But there is a chance that it will fall to $ 4,000, after which we will see another upturn.

Soloway also suggested that this time the BTC price would be between $ 4,600 and $ 4,800.

The crypto market is a very uncertain space. Bitcoin, set to another bullish move. Investors, traders and the community as a whole are looking at the price movement of digital currency now.

It is worth the wait and see how things will be in the near future.

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