BitMEX Exchange has allocated a grant of $ 60 000 to a Bitcoin developer

BitMEX, the operator of the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange company HDR Global Trading Limited, announced a grant of $ 60,000 to the Bitcoin Core developer Michael Ford. The funds will help him to carry out a full-fledged work on the project, without being distracted by other questions.

Michael Ford, who is also known under the pseudonym fanquake, has been a Bitcoin Core contributor since 2012, and has recently been added to the list of software project support specialists.

HDR Global Trading Limited said in a statement that the company is proud to be able to support the development of Bitcoin and help in its further scaling, stability and privacy. Under the terms of the agreement, fanquake should not participate in any projects other than Bitcoin Core.

“HDR Global Trading Limited, like all other companies in the cryptocurrency space, is very dependent on the predominantly volunteer work of coders who are committed to the mission and ideals of Bitcoin. This is a difficult, exhausting and often ungrateful job. Therefore, we believe that the responsibility of corporations is to pay tribute to the projects that have helped them and from which their business model comes. Without the millions of gratuitous labor hours for developers of open source projects that underlie our operating systems, web servers, tools, and Bitcoin itself, the BitMEX trading platform simply would not exist. We do not forget about this gift, ”said CTO and co-founder of the company Sam Reed.

Note that in May of this year BitMEX also supported the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Digital Currency Initiative, which is conducting research into the global ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

In January, the Ethereum Foundation announced a grant to the Parity Technologies development team in the amount of $ 5 million. The funds will be spent on further work on the scaling, usability and security of the Ethereum platform.


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