Buyers will receive cashback in bitcoins in 894 stores of the American Safeway chain

The developers of the Lolli platform, which charges users with cryptocurrency bonuses for online purchases in stores, has announced a partnership with a large American network of supermarkets Safeway. Due to this, buyers will be able to receive 3.5% cashback in bitcoins.

Lolli expects that a partnership with a leading US food retailer will enable as many people as possible to own a cryptocurrency, and “for many of them this may be the first time.”

It is worth noting, Safeway manages 894 points of sales in 17 US states.

According to the head of Lolli Alex Adelman, it is the receipt of the BTC as part of the bonus programs will contribute to the mass distribution of cryptocurrency, despite the fact that in the early years of Bitcoin, it was initially assumed that it would become popular as a means of payment.

He also added that, compared to traditional Fiat-oriented retailer loyalty cards, cryptocurrency is the best option to save value.

Recall that at the end of last year it became known that the Brazilian supermarket chain Oásis Supermercados began accepting a number of cryptocurrencies for payment.

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