New air filters in FlyMining containers.

Thanks to a thought-out ventilation system, the air temperature in the FlyMining containers is always within the normal range, which helps to protect the miners from overheating and maintain their uninterrupted operation. A constant flow of fresh air from the outside passes through the container, cooling the devices.

However, as it often happens, the inside air started to accumulate pollution. The air became filled with thousands of harmful substances, from various chemicals to large particles of dust, and even bugs attracted by light at night. In addition to this, water can get sucked inside during summer rains.

All this adversely affects the condition of the mining equipment. The inside of Antminer S9’s (our mining devices) is very crowded with hundreds of radiators and easily becomes congested with dust, dangerously increasing the inside temperature of the device. And let’s not forget that high humidity also has never been beneficial to electronics. Therefore, there was a small risk that our equipment could fail. To prevent this, we use air filters.

The efficiency of our air filters is about 99%, the composition of the material allows the air to be cleaned of chemicals, and due to the sufficient density of the material from which the filters are made, large and small particles of dust and other contaminants remain outside and do not enter the container. The filter also saves from flies and other insects. The moisture is kept outside.

Despite the high level of filtration, ventilation inside the container almost was not impacted, and the temperature on the microchips rose just by 3℃ (6℉). And this is in summer when the temperature of the incoming air is 35℃ (95℉)! We were very impressed with this result.

We take care of the mining equipment because it is our responsibility to make it work for ourselves and for our customers who bought a cloud mining contract.

We want our customers to get the maximum profit from their cloud contracts, so we always monitor the quality of our mining farm and upgrade it whenever possible.

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