Samsung introduced the Ethereum blockchain-based development toolkit

Samsung, a leading technology company in South Korea, announced the release of a beta software development kit (SDK) based on the Ethereum blockchain for the latest Galaxy line of smartphones.

This release, as claimed by Samsung, is an extended set of all SDKs and provides “the full range of features that any decentralized application (DApp) needs.

At this stage, according to the official report, the Samsung Blockchain SDK solution is available for residents of Canada, South Korea and the United States and is designed for Galaxy S10E, S10, S10 +, S10 5G and Galaxy Fold models.

The presented set of tools will allow you to create, store, manage and back up all valid user accounts. In addition, the Samsung Blockchain SDK will simplify payment transactions, authorize digital signatures, and also allow users to be tied to any other cold cryptocurrency wallets, and not just to the Samsung KeyStore.

Samsung partners will get access to additional functions from the kit, for example, to a specialized blockchain browser for web applications or Android WebView for mobile versions. They will also have access to transaction history outside the Samsung Blockchain Proxy Node database, tools for calculating transaction fees, current cryptocurrency exchange rates, and additional information about ERC tokens.

It is expected that the full version of the Samsung Blockchain SDK will be released before the end of 2019. By 2020, the company also plans to launch its own Samsung Coin token.

The fact that Samsung is working on its own cryptocurrency, it became known in April of this year. Also earlier this year, Samsung released the Galaxy S10 smartphone with a built-in Blockchain KeyStore and a cryptographic slot.

Later information appeared that the South Korean company plans to integrate a cryptocurrency wallet into more budget models of its devices. It is alleged that in this way Samsung intends to provide the possibility of using blockchain technologies to an even greater number of users.

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